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The Pain And Magic Of Making Up

Human beings naturally long to have things that are beyond their reach (strange huh?) and this applies even in relationships.

When a relationship goes on and on without the couple involved bothering to keep the sparks flying, such a relationship is gradually dying and will eventually die one day. It means the relationship or the complacent partner has become comfortable and settled into a rut in the relationship. It takes been dumped for such a person to realize what has been lost and to know that they have been together and yet apart. It takes such relationship to break before the one that is dumped will realize that its over and begins to run around to mend the broken relationship. If you are in this situation, all hope is not lost, there are solutions around the corner; author T W Jackson stated in his book The Magic of Making Up some techniques (some consider his techniques controversial), which can be employed to mend a broken relationship and win back the love of your ex.

The Pain And Magic Of Making UpOne of the techniques of T W Jackson is where the one who is dumped agrees to the break up and even goes as far as saying that he or she has been pondering on taking that step of action too. The person then walks away as if there is no big deal about the break up and creating the impression that it is the best step for all concerned to take; whereas what he or she is actually doing is getting the partner to remember about the relationship, when it was sizzling. When the tables are turned in this manner what happens to the relationship? How does this technique work? Remember what was mentioned earlier about human nature- longing for what is out of reach? In this technique, both parties to the break up will both long for each other. By agreeing to walking away, no whining, wringing of hands, crying and the like, the one that would have been dumped will create the sense of loss he or she is feeling in the ex thereby turning the situation in his or her favor. Two things may result from using this technique- one is that the one who initiated the dumping may get angry because of the partner’s ‘nonchalant’ reaction to the news causing a bruised ego or it could cause him or her to respect the ex for not reacting to the break up like a wimp or a crybaby. Though many people dislike or are skeptical about T W Jackson’s techniques, his techniques are different and therefore refreshing to consider unlike the techniques that have been touted by most people. He believes that if the partner who is dumped can behave real serious and not give it away that it is a sort of game for the technique to work; he said it has been proven to work and people can testify to its efficacy.

How To Break Up With Someone? 3 Rules In Ending Relationship

How To Break Up With Someone?The decision to end a relationship is an emotional one and is not an easy decision to make. Consequently many relationships are dragging on and gradually dying because no one wants to bell the cat and call it off. Usually there are signs that will point out that a relationship is dying and about to break up or that there are problems except the person is blind or like the ostrich that buries its head in the sand the person just does not want to see. Some people like to pretend all is well with their relationship when they will be better off if the relationship ends. Have you ever found yourself in this position? How does it feel when you have to make the decision to break off a relationship? How does it feel knowing your relationship is about to end, knowing your partner is about to call it off? Not pleasant huh? However not all relationships with issues are bound to come to an end but there are some that just have to end like abusive relationships and relationships where the parties no longer love each other. Such relationships are beyond repair because there is no basis for continuing the relationship. A relationship where a partner cheats does not necessarily have to end; the cheating partner does not want the relationship to end but is cheating because something is lacking in the substantial relationship. Most people that cheat on their partners still love them.

In ending a relationship some things are appropriate and some are not (etiquette) some of which are:

Rule 1 _ Don’t play games, doing things to piss your partner off so as to prompt your partner to take the decision to end the relationship, knowing full well you are no longer interested but because you lack the courage to take the bull by the horns you do things to take the decision out of your hands. It is wrong to do such things and it is sneaky too.

Rule 2 _ Inform your partner in person of your decision. Don’t try to avoid seeing the expression on the person’s face by sending a mail, text message or making a phone call, it is cowardly to do so. It is a painful decision but summon courage and convey it in person.

Rule 3 _ Come clean with your reason or reasons. Don’t try to colour your decision with lies, tell your partner in all honesty what the reason or reasons for coming to the decision to break up is or are. Even though they may try to get you to change your mind, be honest.

Does My Ex Want Me Back

Does My Ex Want Me BackFollowing a couple breaking up a relationship is a whole of mixed emotions- good and bad; for a while after the break up the memories of the relationship that are usually remembered are the bad ones. However as time passes the good memories join the bad ones with the good ones taking prominence. When this happens what do you do? Is it possible your ex wants you back? It’s a question a lot of people ask- with expectation and fear; fear that with the way the relationship ended do they want to put themselves through the risk of its ending that way again, expectation that old sparks can be rekindled. When a couple is in a relationship and a bond forms between them, such bond is difficult to break completely even when the relationship ends.

Whether or not your ex wants you back is a question that will arise if your ex makes moves to renew the relationship. What should you do if this situation should arise? First of all DO NOT be in a hurry to give a reply; secondly you have to think carefully- what is the reason behind the desire to renew old flames. It can be for different reasons, not necessarily positive or long term; one reason could be that you have remained in close contact after the break up so when there is no prospect of relationship you are available to fill the empty space pending when there are new prospects. If you have not remained in close contact and you now move with another clique then you may seem out of reach and unavailable and therefore desirable; what is unavailable seems attractive, some people love to re-conquer old grounds. Another reason is revenge, the person may want the relationship back just to get even or get a pound of flesh. It could also be that the fellow just misses the relationship and all that went with it (a natural feeling in the circumstances but just a stage after break up that will pass) and wants to enjoy those feelings again. The reason could also be very genuine- a desire to rekindle the relationship for good.

Regardless of what the reason is, don’t be hasty to give your reply. For the sake of your dignity, take your time, don’t throw yourself back at your ex like the break up never occurred but don’t play it to the extreme so if the interest is genuine you don’t get them discouraged; in the process of doing this keep an open mind and pay attention to little details so you can decipher what the person has in mind. Don’t rush back into a relationship or go into a new one in a hurry, make sure you know the mistakes made previously and learn your lessons so you don’t repeat them.

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back


How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend BackThis title (the ‘get your ex girlfriend back quickly’ part) may be misleading because in actual fact you cannot get your ex girlfriend back overnight or within the twinkle of an eye, it’s a more gradual process that takes some time because making up a relationship takes time. Moreover making up a relationship can only take place if both parties desire to make up, if only one party is desirous of making up it can’t happen because it is not something you can force. In this article you will learn 4 tips which will assist you in getting your ex girlfriend back.

TIP 1- Decide between the two of you whether the relationship has a future, if there is any point trying to work on it; this decision must be mutual. If it is one sided you will not make headway!

TIP 2- Try to play hard to get so as to make her interested in you. Meet and make new friends, if you still long for a relationship with your ex after meeting new people then it means you are interested in developing a relationship that will last long with her.

TIP 3- don’t approach her directly, approaching your ex and asking directly that you guys restart your relationship often backfires on you and spoils whatever progress you may have made on the issue. Her answer will most likely be negative.

TIP 4- Create the notion that you are enjoying yourself without her; this should not be difficult if you still have the same circle of friends. When she senses that you seem to be carrying on without her, her curiosity will be piqued. Converse with her when you meet but keep it casual and don’t spend much time conversing with her, pretend you don’t have much time to spend talking with her.

These tips are but a few of those outlined in the book The Magic of Making Up, there are a lot more in the book in greater detail too. However remember that you have to determine first if your ex girlfriend is also interested in restarting your relationship before these tips come in useful.

Magic Of Making Up Review

Magic Of Making Up ReviewAre you feeling lost because you just lost your lover? Do you have that feeling of not having any particular orientation and abject desolation yet wondering what exactly to do next? Do these really describe the feelings that you are presently having? Sounds to me like something that the Magic of Making Up can help you with. Why not read this very frank and straightforward review of the Magic of Making Up and know what it can do to help your situation…or not. I just promised to give you a frank review and I will adhere to that. You see, the book costs about $40 and certainly you don’t want to buy the book only to discover that it cannot do anything to help you. So get ready for something comprehensive

Okay, let’s get some things right first; while the author in his humility lets us understand that he is neither a relationship counselor nor psychiatrist, it is my opinion that he is obviously a master in psychological analysis. You will learn what reaction to make to the kind of words or actions being displayed by your partner. He also teaches you what to do when a particular situation arises. Making use of psychological tricks and similar methods advantageously while determining what happened in your relationship is what the Magic of Making Up is all about.

Common mistakes like immediately going off to seek forgiveness is discouraged in this book as this is not the best time to act. At this point, the emotional side of us is dominant and so our actions are different. This book teaches you how to calm yourself and carefully assess the situation in order to act rationally in order to prepare yourself to re-conquer your lost love. You will learn many techniques that will provide you with a great advantage over your ex, no matter the situation.

Overview Of Magic Of Making Up?

First and foremost, you will get three reports;

  1. The Magic of Making Up. This report is 62 pages in number.
  2. The Clean Slate Method. This is 7 pages and it shows you how to go about making an apology without losing face in any way.
  3. Mind Magic. This report is 23 pages and is a real goldmine that gives you the necessary knowledge to use psychological tricks.

The entire book is well written and optimized for easy understanding and fun reading.

At this point, you’re wondering whether the Magic of Making Up will work for you and the truth is that I cannot answer that for you. What I can tell you however is that it is loaded with all that you need to reclaim your lost love. How you use it is really up to you. Apart from giving you a better understanding of the opposite sex, this book has all that you need to improve your relationship and get better results from it.

Is The Magic of Making Up Worth The Price And Efforts Of Reading It?

Of course, as is to be expected from any book that is based on the provision of help, there is bound to be at least a degree of subjectivity. In light of that, my own experiences will be the point from which I will speak. I read that book at a very tough time in my life, actually when I faced a lot of challenges in my relationship. I found the Magic of Making Up to be an invaluable resource at that time.

I know you might be wondering if your own experience will be different from mine. You might be afraid that you will be frustrated at the end after taking my advice. All I can say is this; I am giving you frank and quality advice.

This book helped me get my girl back and has helped me to understand her much better than before.

7 Things You Should Not Do When You Get Dumped

7 Things You Should Not Do When You Get DumpedIf you are at the receiving end of a break up in a relationship, the last thing you need is to get panicky. Though irrational behaviour is usually a reaction from getting dumped because it is a very traumatizing experience during which the person’s emotions are at an all time low, if you desire that the relationship be made up you need to think rationally. Your ego has just been terribly bruised, your self esteem is in the dumps as a result of been dumped and you are about ready to do anything to get the relationship back on course right way; hold your horses! Let us discuss what you should absolutely NOT do if you have just been or are about to be dumped (whether or not you are dreaming of making up). No matter how much you want the relationship back don’t be desperate about it, that sucks! Also it will chase your ex farther away from you.

  • Please DO NOT try to get in touch with your ex soon after you are dumped; the fellow called off the relationship so do yourself a favour -stay on your own for a while, he or she obviously does not want you.
  • DO NOT look for an excuse to get in touch with your ex by whatever means or for whatever reason or reasons –whether by phone, mails or arranging to ‘accidentally’ bump into the fellow. This is common after a breakup. Leave him or her alone!
  • DO NOT argue about your relationship crumbling, you will only irritate your ex and that will definitely not sooth your bruised ego (it will actually worsen it).
  • DO NOT tell your ex that the decision to break up was wrong or a mistake, which is the last thing the fellow, wants to hear. You are the last person he or she wants to discuss the break up with. Besides your opinion is not relevant at that time to your ex.
  • DO NOT act like a wimp! (More common with guys who are dumped) It’s distasteful. Whining about how low the breakup makes you feel makes you a wimp; don’t let on about the turmoil the breakup has caused you, put on a cheerful attitude, a life-must-go-on attitude.
  • DO NOT apologize all the time about the relationship or issues you had or whatever; it is as bad as acting like a wimp.

Finally don’t go about behaving like a hangdog, letting all that will listen know how your ex has hurt you by dumping you and wanting people or even your ex to feel sorry for you. You will only lower your self-esteem before people and in particular before your ex! (I can assure you, you don’t need that).

Hold your head up and look forward to something better and brighter.