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7 Things You Should Not Do When You Get Dumped

7 Things You Should Not Do When You Get DumpedIf you are at the receiving end of a break up in a relationship, the last thing you need is to get panicky. Though irrational behaviour is usually a reaction from getting dumped because it is a very traumatizing experience during which the person’s emotions are at an all time low, if you desire that the relationship be made up you need to think rationally. Your ego has just been terribly bruised, your self esteem is in the dumps as a result of been dumped and you are about ready to do anything to get the relationship back on course right way; hold your horses! Let us discuss what you should absolutely NOT do if you have just been or are about to be dumped (whether or not you are dreaming of making up). No matter how much you want the relationship back don’t be desperate about it, that sucks! Also it will chase your ex farther away from you.

  • Please DO NOT try to get in touch with your ex soon after you are dumped; the fellow called off the relationship so do yourself a favour -stay on your own for a while, he or she obviously does not want you.
  • DO NOT look for an excuse to get in touch with your ex by whatever means or for whatever reason or reasons –whether by phone, mails or arranging to ‘accidentally’ bump into the fellow. This is common after a breakup. Leave him or her alone!
  • DO NOT argue about your relationship crumbling, you will only irritate your ex and that will definitely not sooth your bruised ego (it will actually worsen it).
  • DO NOT tell your ex that the decision to break up was wrong or a mistake, which is the last thing the fellow, wants to hear. You are the last person he or she wants to discuss the break up with. Besides your opinion is not relevant at that time to your ex.
  • DO NOT act like a wimp! (More common with guys who are dumped) It’s distasteful. Whining about how low the breakup makes you feel makes you a wimp; don’t let on about the turmoil the breakup has caused you, put on a cheerful attitude, a life-must-go-on attitude.
  • DO NOT apologize all the time about the relationship or issues you had or whatever; it is as bad as acting like a wimp.

Finally don’t go about behaving like a hangdog, letting all that will listen know how your ex has hurt you by dumping you and wanting people or even your ex to feel sorry for you. You will only lower your self-esteem before people and in particular before your ex! (I can assure you, you don’t need that).

Hold your head up and look forward to something better and brighter.