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Magic Of Making Up Review

Magic Of Making Up ReviewAre you feeling lost because you just lost your lover? Do you have that feeling of not having any particular orientation and abject desolation yet wondering what exactly to do next? Do these really describe the feelings that you are presently having? Sounds to me like something that the Magic of Making Up can help you with. Why not read this very frank and straightforward review of the Magic of Making Up and know what it can do to help your situation…or not. I just promised to give you a frank review and I will adhere to that. You see, the book costs about $40 and certainly you don’t want to buy the book only to discover that it cannot do anything to help you. So get ready for something comprehensive

Okay, let’s get some things right first; while the author in his humility lets us understand that he is neither a relationship counselor nor psychiatrist, it is my opinion that he is obviously a master in psychological analysis. You will learn what reaction to make to the kind of words or actions being displayed by your partner. He also teaches you what to do when a particular situation arises. Making use of psychological tricks and similar methods advantageously while determining what happened in your relationship is what the Magic of Making Up is all about.

Common mistakes like immediately going off to seek forgiveness is discouraged in this book as this is not the best time to act. At this point, the emotional side of us is dominant and so our actions are different. This book teaches you how to calm yourself and carefully assess the situation in order to act rationally in order to prepare yourself to re-conquer your lost love. You will learn many techniques that will provide you with a great advantage over your ex, no matter the situation.

Overview Of Magic Of Making Up?

First and foremost, you will get three reports;

  1. The Magic of Making Up. This report is 62 pages in number.
  2. The Clean Slate Method. This is 7 pages and it shows you how to go about making an apology without losing face in any way.
  3. Mind Magic. This report is 23 pages and is a real goldmine that gives you the necessary knowledge to use psychological tricks.

The entire book is well written and optimized for easy understanding and fun reading.

At this point, you’re wondering whether the Magic of Making Up will work for you and the truth is that I cannot answer that for you. What I can tell you however is that it is loaded with all that you need to reclaim your lost love. How you use it is really up to you. Apart from giving you a better understanding of the opposite sex, this book has all that you need to improve your relationship and get better results from it.

Is The Magic of Making Up Worth The Price And Efforts Of Reading It?

Of course, as is to be expected from any book that is based on the provision of help, there is bound to be at least a degree of subjectivity. In light of that, my own experiences will be the point from which I will speak. I read that book at a very tough time in my life, actually when I faced a lot of challenges in my relationship. I found the Magic of Making Up to be an invaluable resource at that time.

I know you might be wondering if your own experience will be different from mine. You might be afraid that you will be frustrated at the end after taking my advice. All I can say is this; I am giving you frank and quality advice.

This book helped me get my girl back and has helped me to understand her much better than before.

Tips On Getting Your Ex Back

Tips On Getting Your Ex BackIt is very important to have a plan before you make any move of getting your ex back. People facing breakup can undergo lots of mental, emotional and physical changes. Stress, anxiety, grief and pain are some of these changes. Always remember your ultimate goal is to get your ex back and not to make things even worse, so for this reason let me ask you an important question. Do you want your ex back because you really love him/her and think your life is incomplete with him/her? Or you are just doing this because you are bore and don’t want to be single? This is very important if you fall in the first category then I will give you tips that might be very helpful for you in getting your ex back and if you fall in second category then you might have to face the reality as breakup hurts not only once but every time it happens. But remember I always explain this to my readers that there is no magic wand or portion. Tips in this article are based on common human emotions, the way people feeling during a relationship and after relationship so just relax and have patience.

First thing is to realize your relationship had problems that’s why both of you have reached this point, things get rough and tough and now that it’s happened you are suffering from the aftermath. So first step is to get hold of yourself, overcome the emotional changes you are going through, just ask yourself why your ex would want to get back with you if you look or feel miserable? Don’t be in a situation where your ex pities you instead be strong, focused and confident so that your ex admires you.

Be optimistic may be all that happened, happened for a reason. Take things positively, look at the brighter side as this is your chance to start things over and fresh. So it is very important to clear your mind of issues you have in past and let your ex have this time too. Limit your contact so your ex has a proper time to think and clear his/her mind. Don’t be clingy, again it is very negative to be possessive and fishy after breakup. Patience is defiantly virtue after break and in case you want to get back with your ex.

One good way of giving positive vibe about you is to amerce yourself in an activity such as yoga, exercise. This clearly shows that you are focused, strong and don’t take things for granted. It is also a good way of showing that you have changed and are going to change with time. Why this is important? When you continuously think about your ex you will defiantly feel emotions and people will be able to see these emotions, whenever you talk, do something and even in your physical experience. You defiantly don’t want to give negative vibe.

Ways To Get Ex Back

Ways To Get Ex BackRelationship can be very tough sometimes but breakup is even tougher especially if you want your ex back in your life. People certainly do big mistake when they get angry or little upset and later on when they realize the mistakes they find them self in a situation where it’s very difficult to even talk to ex. This can be very frustrating as you have learned your lesson and you want ex back but you can’t even express this situation.

In this article we will discuss steps with which you can win your ex back into your life but remember there is no magic or portion with which you can get your ex back, you need to be focused and have patience.

First thing to do is get your life and yourself back together. It is very common that people fall apart after their relationship ends. They become mess and try to isolate themselves to overcome the grief but what they don’t realize this only makes things worse. Just ask yourself why you’re ex would want to get back with you if he/she thinks you have become an irresponsible and unfocused person and you can’t even handle yourself. If you show some self improvements then chances of getting back you ex are bright. One good way of showing good positive attitude is to start positive activities such as exercise, gym, yoga etc. This shows that you are focused and confident.

Get hold of your emotions, normally people don’t like clingy and desperate persons. If you show such attitude then you are probably making things worse. Control your emotions while attempting to win your ex so that you don’t make any stupid mistake. Don’t make any sudden moves that might give negative vibe, relax and try to smile more when around your ex.

Get the right attitude, never show your ex that you don’t care and you are happy without your ex instead try to be more mature, independent and strong. This can be very positive and can create a window of opportunity for you as your ex might want to take interest in you as he/she might want to know to what extent you have changed. Don’t be jealous, give your ex space and respect, fear and anxiety both are associated with jealousy so defiantly you don’t want your ex to know you have develop such traits. Jealousy is also a non-verbal way to telling your ex that you want to control things which can be very negative for your future relationship.

Never try to attach yourself with any other person; in order to draw the attention of ex people start flirting with someone else, this will show that breakup was the right decision and your ex will probably want to take revenge by flirting with someone else. So you will not make things better only worsen them. Instead try to be the person with your ex fell in love on the first place.

How To Break Up With Someone? 3 Rules In Ending Relationship

How To Break Up With Someone?The decision to end a relationship is an emotional one and is not an easy decision to make. Consequently many relationships are dragging on and gradually dying because no one wants to bell the cat and call it off. Usually there are signs that will point out that a relationship is dying and about to break up or that there are problems except the person is blind or like the ostrich that buries its head in the sand the person just does not want to see. Some people like to pretend all is well with their relationship when they will be better off if the relationship ends. Have you ever found yourself in this position? How does it feel when you have to make the decision to break off a relationship? How does it feel knowing your relationship is about to end, knowing your partner is about to call it off? Not pleasant huh? However not all relationships with issues are bound to come to an end but there are some that just have to end like abusive relationships and relationships where the parties no longer love each other. Such relationships are beyond repair because there is no basis for continuing the relationship. A relationship where a partner cheats does not necessarily have to end; the cheating partner does not want the relationship to end but is cheating because something is lacking in the substantial relationship. Most people that cheat on their partners still love them.

In ending a relationship some things are appropriate and some are not (etiquette) some of which are:

Rule 1 _ Don’t play games, doing things to piss your partner off so as to prompt your partner to take the decision to end the relationship, knowing full well you are no longer interested but because you lack the courage to take the bull by the horns you do things to take the decision out of your hands. It is wrong to do such things and it is sneaky too.

Rule 2 _ Inform your partner in person of your decision. Don’t try to avoid seeing the expression on the person’s face by sending a mail, text message or making a phone call, it is cowardly to do so. It is a painful decision but summon courage and convey it in person.

Rule 3 _ Come clean with your reason or reasons. Don’t try to colour your decision with lies, tell your partner in all honesty what the reason or reasons for coming to the decision to break up is or are. Even though they may try to get you to change your mind, be honest.

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

5 thing You Must Know Before Trying To Win Back An Ex Boyfriend!

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend BackIf you still have strong feelings for your ex boyfriend then you hear he is seeing someone else and you desire to win back your ex boyfriend, there is hope for you. Do you know why? Unlike the new girl he is seeing, you have history on your side- the history of your relationship with him. The fact that you have history on your side does not mean you should approach him directly about your intent. First of all you have to address certain issues that concern you, like what is your reason for wanting him back? Is it because you have heard he is seeing someone else and you are jealous and want him back at all cost? You have to search your heart and determine the reason you want him back. Also you have to re-evaluate your relationship with him critically, be sincere. Write down the good and the bad aspects of the relationship, what are those things you liked about him, what are the things you agreed on and liked to do together and so on. You also have to write down the bad aspects, what you disliked in him, the things he used to do which you did not like, the things you two did not agree on and so on. The reason behind your break up MUST also be considered. When you evaluate all these, sincerely ask yourself if it is worth it to be in a relationship with him again, because chances are the relationship may break up again, will you be able to bear it a second time?

There are 5 Things you have to Talk into Consideration:

If you cant make an honest assessment ask a good friend who is honest to assist you. Assess what your friend tells you with what you know and how you feel about him and decide whether you still want to go on to try to win him back based on all the information at your fingertips.

In assessing the reason for your break up, if you discover that you were part of the reason or that you were the reason then you have to work on yourself based on your discovery. It is important you do this because if you don’t trying to win him back will be an exercise in futility because he will have no reason to want you back if the reason for the initial break up still exists.

If after assessing the history of your relationship you still want to make up with your ex boyfriend, you can then contact him at this point. Ask that you guys meet up but don’t come on strong otherwise he may run away from you and that wont help your plans at all.

When you finally meet up, open up and let him know that you have pondered on your relationship and that you have worked to improve yourself and having searched your heart you realize you still care about him deeply and will like to have a shot at renewing your relationship.

After you have expressed yourself, allow him to express his feelings and whether he is interested or not. If he wants time to think things over, give him time, don’t harass him with phone calls to give you an answer. Don’t put pressure on him to give you a reply right away or pressure him if he asks for time. Know that he may give you an answer right away (or even if he asks for time and gives you an answer later) that is not in line with your wishes; take it all in good faith. Hey if you are lucky he will give you a positive answer and you get him back!

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back


How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend BackThis title (the ‘get your ex girlfriend back quickly’ part) may be misleading because in actual fact you cannot get your ex girlfriend back overnight or within the twinkle of an eye, it’s a more gradual process that takes some time because making up a relationship takes time. Moreover making up a relationship can only take place if both parties desire to make up, if only one party is desirous of making up it can’t happen because it is not something you can force. In this article you will learn 4 tips which will assist you in getting your ex girlfriend back.

TIP 1- Decide between the two of you whether the relationship has a future, if there is any point trying to work on it; this decision must be mutual. If it is one sided you will not make headway!

TIP 2- Try to play hard to get so as to make her interested in you. Meet and make new friends, if you still long for a relationship with your ex after meeting new people then it means you are interested in developing a relationship that will last long with her.

TIP 3- don’t approach her directly, approaching your ex and asking directly that you guys restart your relationship often backfires on you and spoils whatever progress you may have made on the issue. Her answer will most likely be negative.

TIP 4- Create the notion that you are enjoying yourself without her; this should not be difficult if you still have the same circle of friends. When she senses that you seem to be carrying on without her, her curiosity will be piqued. Converse with her when you meet but keep it casual and don’t spend much time conversing with her, pretend you don’t have much time to spend talking with her.

These tips are but a few of those outlined in the book The Magic of Making Up, there are a lot more in the book in greater detail too. However remember that you have to determine first if your ex girlfriend is also interested in restarting your relationship before these tips come in useful.